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Caterham 7

YearTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
19711989.47%Parking brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
198810%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
1989475%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
1991250%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
1993887.5%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
1994862.5%Excessive free play in the steering.
19961492.86%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
19971794.12%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
19981984.21%Hydraulic fluid leak from a brake valve.
20001471.43%Constant velocity joint boot missing, split, insecure or no longer prevents the ingress of dirt.
20011573.33%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
20021291.67%Brake control Anti-slip provision inadequate.
20032281.82%Emissions levels exceed default limits.
20041190.91%Tyre with a lump, bulge or tear.
20051586.67%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
2006683.33%Wiper not operating, or missing.
20071369.23%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
20101283.33%Insufficient brake control reserve travel.
20111693.75%Wiper not operating, or missing.
20121560%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
201610%Emissions levels exceed default limits.

Tests: 301

Average Caterham 7 pass rate: 85.05%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Position lamp missing or inoperative.4.2.1(a)(ii)Major22%
2Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major20%
3Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.4.4.1(a)(ii)Major16%
4Stop lamps all missing or inoperative.4.3.1(a)(iii)Dangerous13%
5Emissions levels exceed default limits.
6Parking brake efficiency below minimum requirement.1.4.2(a)(i)Major9%
7Fog lamp inoperative or rear fog lamp missing.4.5.1(a)(ii)Major7%
8Binding brake.1.2.1(f)Major7%
9Emissions test unable to be completed.
10Windscreen washers not providing sufficient fluid.3.5(a)Major4%

Tests date range: 2nd January 2019 to 1st January 2020

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