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We fully respect your privacy. Naturally, we're here to serve you, not screw you.

We have zero interest in your personal information.

From a technical point of view, we are interested in the devices visitors use, operating systems, screen resolutions and the like. This is simply so we can make the website work well in as many devices as possible. This information is automatically sent from your web browser when you visit a website and does not contain personal information.


If we are publishing adverts from third parties, such as Google, they may use cookies to determine which ads to show you based on the pages you visit on this website and pages you have visited on other websites. Third-party vendors and ad networks used by Google:

Ad Exchange Certified External Vendors

You may visit the vendor websites above to opt out of the use of cookies for personalised advertising. Alternatively, you may visit to opt out.

A website CANNOT place a cookie on your computer. A cookie is just a line of text, provided by the website, that is downloaded by your web browser along with the webpage. Depending on your browser settings, the browser may or may not save the cookie on your computer. The website has ZERO control over this. If you don't want cookies on your computer, configure your browser not to save them.

The above will be obvious to most/all people reading it (if anyone actually does) but being required to state "the bleedin' obvious" is quite popular today, so we are stating it.

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