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Popular vehicles

Vehicle type: Taxi

Total count: 29,956

Most popular make


Most popular make/model

1LTI TX417,64258.89%
2LEVC TX8,14627.19%
3LTI Taxi1,1933.98%
4Peugeot E71,1433.82%
5Peugeot Premier9803.27%
6LTI TX1 Bronze3221.07%
7Carbodies Taxi/hirecar2270.76%
8LTI TX1 Silver2080.69%
9LTI Fx4610.2%
10LTI Fairway130.04%
11Metrocab Auto80.03%
12LTI Fairway Nissan50.02%
13Austin Taxihire Car40.01%
14Metrocab Manual30.01%
15LEVC TX510%

Most popular make/model/year

1LEVC TX 20193,91213.06%
2LTI TX4 20142,2617.55%
3LEVC TX 20182,1197.07%
4LTI TX4 20152,1187.07%
5LTI TX4 20102,0266.76%
6LTI TX4 20111,9696.57%
7LTI TX4 20161,6505.51%
8LEVC TX 20201,6435.48%
9LTI TX4 20091,6235.42%
10LTI TX4 20121,3774.6%
11LTI TX4 20131,2284.1%
12LTI TX4 20081,1323.78%
13LTI TX4 20171,0673.56%
14LTI TX4 20071,0623.55%
15LEVC TX 20214491.5%
16LTI Taxi 20064171.39%
17LTI Taxi 20053511.17%
18Peugeot E7 20163071.02%
19Peugeot E7 20152500.83%
20Peugeot Premier 20162090.7%
21Peugeot E7 20142060.69%
22LTI Taxi 20041890.63%
23Peugeot Premier 20171870.62%
24Peugeot E7 20131860.62%
25Peugeot Premier 20151690.56%
26Peugeot Premier 20131390.46%
27LTI Taxi 20031260.42%
28LTI TX4 20061260.42%
29Peugeot Premier 20141240.41%
30LTI TX1 Bronze 20011180.39%
Tests date range:
13th August 2021 to 12th August 2022

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