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Vehicle types : Quad

MakeTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
Aeon6388.89%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
Apache1384.62%Steering head bearings have excessive wear or play.
Barossa1984.21%Number plate missing or insecure.
Bashan2263.64%Shock absorber has negligible damping effect.
Bombardier1190.91%Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
Can-Am33989.38%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
CF Moto8687.21%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
CPI475%Electrical wiring insecure.
Dinli14785.71%Number plate missing or insecure.
Gas Gas580%Stop lamps all missing or inoperative.
Go-Kart1963.16%Suspension pin, bush, joint or bearing excessively worn.
Honda12487.1%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
Joyner757.14%Tyre not fitted in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Kawasaki3174.19%Number plate missing or insecure.
Kymco6978.26%Electrical wiring insecure.
Moto Roma1181.82%Attachment of steering column defective to the extent that there is a serious risk of detachment.
NFM250%Mandatory hazard warning device inoperative.
Polaris37485.03%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
Quadzilla16777.25%Number plate missing or insecure.
Secma3580%Tyre tread depth not in accordance with requirements.
SMC41383.05%Number plate missing or insecure.
Spy Racing10%Electrical wiring insecure.
Suzuki13491.79%Horn not working.
Yamaha72789.27%Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.

Tests: 2,845

Average quad pass rate: 85.8%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Number plate missing or insecure.0.1(a)Major20%
2Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.4.4.1(a)(ii)Major15%
3Stop lamp missing or inoperative.4.3.1(a)(ii)Major13%
4Suspension pin, bush, joint or bearing excessively worn.5.3.4(a)(i)Major12%
5Parking brake efficiency well below minimum requirement.1.4.2(a)(ii)Dangerous12%
6Position lamp missing or inoperative.4.2.1(a)(ii)Major10%
7Wheel bearing with excessive play.5.1.3(a)(i)Major10%
8Horn not working.7.7(a)Major10%
9Electrical wiring insecure.4.11(a)(ii)Major9%
10Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major8%
Tests date range:
10th February 2023 to 9th February 2024

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