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Aston Martin

ModelTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
Cygnet14993.29%Tyre tread depth not in accordance with requirements.
DB887.5%Suspension spring broken or seriously weakened.
DB1250%Body or cab insecure to the extent that stability is seriously impaired.
DB2/41681.25%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
DB410286.27%Windscreen washers not providing sufficient fluid.
DB516390.18%Parking brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
DB620890.38%Windscreen washers not providing sufficient fluid.
DB72,16982.34%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
DB94,60487.23%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
DB111060%Direction indicator lamp emitted colour, position or intensity not in accordance with requirements.
DBS88989.65%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
International250%Horn inoperative.
Lagonda4989.8%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
Le Mans1100%n/a
Rapide71186.78%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
V851588.35%Emissions levels exceed default limits.
V8 Vantage3,38587.47%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
V12 Vanquish5100%n/a
V12 Vantage3390.91%Headlamp cleaning device inoperative in the case of LED or gas discharge systems.
Vanquish1,17887.27%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Vantage2,74389.68%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Virage32688.96%Windscreen washers not providing sufficient fluid.
Volante2792.59%Steering rack gaiter or ball joint dust cover missing or damaged.

Tests: 17,312

Average Aston Martin pass rate: 87.35%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major17%
2Engine MIL inoperative or indicating a malfunction.
3Position lamp missing or inoperative.4.2.1(a)Major9%
4Wiper blade missing or not clearing the windscreen.3.4(b)(ii)Major9%
5Windscreen washers not providing sufficient fluid.3.5(a)Major7%
6Tyre tread depth not in accordance with requirements.5.2.3(e)Dangerous5%
7Number plate does not conform to requirements.0.1(d)Major5%
8Suspension spring broken or seriously weakened.5.3.1(b)(i)Major5%
9Tyre with a cut in excess of the requirements.5.2.3(d)(i)Major4%
10Tyre with a lump, bulge or tear.5.2.3(d)(ii)Dangerous4%

Tests date range: 22nd May 2018 to 21st May 2019

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3

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