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Vehicle types : Bike : Sym


ModelTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
AD05W Jet4658.7%Tyre tread depth too low.
AD12W Jet12471.77%Tyre tread depth too low.
Allo250%Binding brake.
Allo 1251100%n/a
AV05W Symply 504868.75%Insufficient brake control reserve travel.
AZ Symphony4178.05%Tyre tread depth too low.
Citycom2090%Tyre valve seriously damaged or misaligned, likely to cause sudden deflation of the tyre.
City Hopper2176.19%Exhaust system leaking or insecure.
Crox19674.49%Binding brake.
DD507772.73%Shock absorber not functioning, or leaking severely.
Euro1471.43%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
Fiddle42477.12%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
GTS5881.03%Shock absorber not functioning, or leaking severely.
GTS 125 Evo475%Tyre tread depth too low.
HD6886.76%Tyre tread depth too low.
Husky1973.68%Headlamp missing or inoperative.
Jet1,37174.91%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Jet-4 501163.64%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Joymax14387.41%Tyre tread depth too low.
Joyride9382.8%Wheel bearing with excessive play.
Jungle771.43%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
LM25 GTS Evo8100%n/a
Mask13380.45%Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.
Maxsym8590.59%Brake lining or pad worn below 1.0mm.
Megalo2281.82%Exhaust system leaking or insecure.
Mio9277.17%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
Orbit862.5%Wheel bearing excessively rough.
Red Devil785.71%Headlamp missing or inoperative.
Shark3786.49%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
Simply887.5%Exhaust system leaking or insecure.
Super Fancy1100%n/a
Symphony29178.01%Brake lining or pad worn below 1.0mm.
Symply40373.2%Exhaust system leaking or insecure.
Voyager6687.88%Tyre tread depth too low.
VS366.67%Headlamp missing or inoperative.
VS1253479.41%Tyre tread depth too low.
Wolf6663.64%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
XS7576%Transmission belt, chain, sprocket or pulley excessively loose or worn.
XS1258560%Headlamp aim outwith limits.

Tests: 4,259

Average Sym pass rate: 76.5%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Tyre tread depth too low.5.2.3(e)Dangerous15%
2Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major14%
3Brake lining or pad worn below 1.0mm.1.1.13(a)Dangerous11%
4Binding brake.1.2.1(f)Major10%
5Stop lamp missing or inoperative.4.3.1(a)(ii)Major10%
6Stop lamp remains on when the brakes are released.4.3.2(a)(iii)Dangerous8%
7Headlamp missing or inoperative.4.1.1(a)(ii)Major7%
8Exhaust system leaking or insecure.6.1.2(a)Major7%
9Steering head bearings defective or have excessive wear or play.2.2.2(f)(i)Major7%
10Insufficient brake control reserve travel.1.1.2(a)Major6%
Tests date range:
13th August 2021 to 12th August 2022

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