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Moto Guzzi

ModelTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
350580%Footrest missing or insecure.
75010487.5%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
850 Lemans9292.39%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
10001275%Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
1000S2277.27%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
1000SP988.89%Tyre tread depth too low.
11002095%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
12003193.55%Excessive fluctuation in brake effort through each wheel revolution.
Bellagio3889.47%Rear registration plate lamp or light source missing or inoperative.
Breva49186.15%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
California74288.54%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Daytona1788.24%Tyre not fitted in compliance with the manufacturer's sidewall instructions.
Griso37889.68%Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.
Nevada12585.6%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
Norge15787.9%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
NTX475%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
Nuovo Falcone1100%n/a
Quota988.89%Wheel bearing with excessive play.
SP475%Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
Spada2491.67%Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
Sport6692.42%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Stelvio19691.33%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
V71,35891.38%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
V920686.89%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
V102487.5%Throttle control not functioning correctly.
V1113688.97%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
V129587.37%Horn not working.
V351190.91%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
V508091.25%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
V651788.24%Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.
V65TT250%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
V1000988.89%Number plate does not conform to requirements.

Tests: 4,548

Average Moto Guzzi pass rate: 89.42%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major20%
2Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.4.4.1(a)(ii)Major10%
3Tyre tread depth too low.5.2.3(e)Dangerous9%
4Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.4.8.2(a)(ii)Major9%
5Stop lamp missing or inoperative.4.3.1(a)(ii)Major8%
6Stop lamp remains on when the brakes are released.4.3.2(a)(iii)Dangerous7%
7Position lamp missing or inoperative.4.2.1(a)Major6%
8Horn not working.7.7(a)Major5%
9Headlamp missing or inoperative.4.1.1(a)(ii)Major5%
10Brake lining or pad worn below 1.0mm.1.1.13(a)Dangerous4%
Tests date range:
10th February 2023 to 9th February 2024

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