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Vehicle types : Bike : AJS


ModelTestsPass rateMost common fail reason
16MS10%Transmission belt, chain, sprocket or pulley excessively loose or worn.
31250%Braking system component insecure or inadequately mounted.
Cadwell22871.93%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
DD35967.41%Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.
DD125E2369.57%Stop lamp missing or inoperative.
Digita13365.41%Headlamp missing or inoperative.
ECO1361.54%Binding brake.
Firefox22669.03%Shock absorber not functioning, or leaking severely.
JS9869.39%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
JS125955.56%Tyre tread depth too low.
JS125-E26165.57%Stop lamp remains on when the brakes are released.
JSM9461.7%Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.
Model 82100%n/a
Modena1,16674.61%Headlamp missing or inoperative.
NAC1154.55%Position lamp missing or inoperative.
NAC12955.56%Rear registration plate lamp does not illuminate simultaneously with the position lamps.
R71942.11%Headlamp aim outwith limits.
Regal757.14%Brake lining or pad worn below 1.0mm.
Sorvio10%Tyre tread depth too low.
Tempest21065.24%Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.
TN121154.55%Headlamp missing or inoperative.

Tests: 2,693

Average AJS pass rate: 70.29%

Most common fail reasons

#ReasonFail codeCategory%
1Headlamp missing or inoperative.4.1.1(a)(ii)Major17%
2Headlamp aim outwith limits.4.1.2(a)Major14%
3Rear reflector missing or reflecting white to the rear.4.8.2(a)(ii)Major11%
4Position lamp missing or inoperative.4.2.1(a)Major9%
5Stop lamp missing or inoperative.4.3.1(a)(ii)Major8%
6Brake efficiency below minimum requirement.1.2.2(a)(i)Major8%
7Stop lamp remains on when the brakes are released.4.3.2(a)(iii)Dangerous8%
8Shock absorber not functioning, or leaking severely.5.3.2(b)Major8%
9Direction indicator lamp missing or inoperative.4.4.1(a)(ii)Major7%
10Horn not working.7.7(a)Major6%
Tests date range:
23rd September 2022 to 22nd September 2023

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